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Antioxidant Booster – 100g

A nice sweet, fruity, and spicy blend, low in caffeine and full of antioxidants
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Berries and Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

A perfect comforting tea for the Autumn months.  Ideal for the whole family!
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Dolce Cioccolato e Rosa – 60g

A lovely blend of chocolate and floral aromas, makes for a beautiful and fragrant green tea calling for romance.
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Hario Filter-In Tea Bottle 750ml

Designed to brew iced tea, it is also perfect for hot tea. Convenient and easy to use. Comes with a silicone sleeve and four 15g sachet of loose leaf tea for iced tea.
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Hario Iced Tea Brewer 280ml

Brew the perfect iced tea, fresh and tasty, without bitterness, in just few minutes! Comes with 50g of Japanese Kabusecha green tea. (cups are not included)
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Power Booster Green Ginger – 50g

A metabolism stimulating, and invigorating green tea
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