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  • Good tea, all day, every day!

    Our Story

    Our CEO and Founder Guylaine Gagnon is a Certified Tea Sommelier by Tea Association Canada. She has enlightened thousands of people to the wonder of tea, and supplies some of the best restaurants in Calgary. She values ethically and sustainably sourced products, and believes that every tea lover should be able to have access to true quality tea at any time.
    Her vision is to build a social network where brand partners and tea consultants create a tsunami of tea lovers who appreciate quality tea and all the benefits that drinking quality tea bring to their lives.
    Her goal is to provide to her brand partners a fun experience, with fair compensation, at minimum cost, without the obligation of carrying an inventory, or to do house parties!

    Guylaine Gagnon – CEO

    My passion for tea led me to study to become a Tea Sommelier with the Tea Association of Canada in 2012. Today, I share my passion for tea by operating a premium, loose-leaf tea retail business, Tea Monde, passing on my knowledge through tea events and by blogging. In September 2013, I added to my store offer, a line of rare teas called Cellar Reserves along with a specialized service helping fine-dining establishments to offer patrons something extra special during their nice experiences via the High Class Tea Service.


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    Our Beliefs

    Every tea lover should be able to afford, and have access to true quality tea at any time.

    Our Vision

    To create a network where tea consultants will educate tea drinkers to appreciate quality tea.

    Our Goal

    To provide brand partners a fun experience, with fair compensation, at minimum cost

    Meet our team

    Jennifer Sicard


    Claudette Côté


    Esther Grenier


    Nathalie NADIR

    France, Metropolitan


    Good tea, all day, every day!

    From pure tea and flavoured blends to herbal and rooibos, there’s a whole world of tea ready to be discovered, steeped and savoured. And we’re ready to share it with you.

    We are tea passionate believing in outstanding customer service. We value artisan tea and tea blends made of high quality natural ingredients.  And we care about ethical and sustainable business practices.

    Our goal is to make every cup of tea unforgettable!  An experience you’ll look forward to again and again!  After all, you deserve good tea, all day, every day!